Say Simple provides writing, design, and strategic marketing services to clients who want to communicate a distinct and meaningful message. Our content often finds inspiration in the less-is-more approach. Timelessness, clarity, elegant simplicity, and a bit of wit here and there, guide our work.

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After enrolling on a whim (a long time ago) in an Italian Renaissance Art History course, there was no going back. I was a full-blown “creative” – or perhaps, more accurately, a creative wannabe. I was so inspired, not just by the art itself, but also by the societies and circumstances influencing it. I made the decision to major in Art History before going on to earn my Master’s in the field. Since then, I’ve been fortunate to work in a number of roles with some amazing arts organizations throughout the area, including the Spencer Museum, Nelson-Atkins, and Charlotte Street Foundation; and am completely moved by the creativity, people, and objects which define them, as well as each one’s ability to affect and engage with the greater community.

After studying and working among so much rich content (and learning a ton), I was ready to “do.” Today, Say Simple is just over two years young, and was founded to provide unique and effective marketing and design services to other curious and passionate business owners. All of my past professional and creative experiences up until this point have provided me a diverse set of tools – research, analytics, writing, design – and processes on which to rely when developing new content - whatever that may be. Each new Say Simple project is an opportunity to innovate and collaborate, learn something new, engage with a community, and make an impact.