our process is simple really...


get creative

Regardless of scope, Say Simple kicks off each project with an open mind and fresh perspective. We thrive off the collaboration process with our clients wherein we can explore all possibilities and think BIG. If time allows, Say Simple will facilitate exercises intended to uncover obvious, and perhaps not-so-obvious, goals and expectations. From there, we are able to identify those aspects which differentiate a client from its competitors. 

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get busy

Once the exploratory stage is complete, Say Simple gets busy translating ideas into reality. No matter the project, we synthesize varying goals and concepts into one distinct vision geared toward engagement with the ideal client. Developed content is both novel and practical - intended to communicate with purpose and meaning, but in a way that excites its audience. 

get official

After the creative process is through, Say Simple works with the client to tie up any loose ends. With each project this will look different - coordinating production, developing guidelines for future initiatives, etc. Whatever it may be, Say Simple will ensure that once our work is complete, the end result reaches the proper market and is deeply effective.