2016 Main

Brand discovery + identity, custom illustration, copywriting, art direction, business materials, marketing + sales collateral, apparel design, event marketing, web design 


2016 Main Event Space and Art Gallery is located in the eclectic Kansas City Crossroads district. The owners’ retro style and laid-back sensibilities combined with the building’s rich historic fabric and the area’s vibrant arts scene provided unending sources of inspiration and creative possibilities. 2016’s distinct mix of exposed brick in an art gallery setting, along with marble accents and rich architectural finishes, manifest in an understated but beautiful space appealing to those clients in search of a current and modern venue that is still warm, inviting and classically inspired.

Ultimately, the 2016 Main identity is about balance. The careful pull between elements – vintage and modern, youthful vibrancy and mature simplicity, urban rustic versus elegant refinement – all illustrated within the physical space itself, helped guide the process and inform design decisions. Helping to get the creative ball rolling were 2016 Main’s bold, can’t-miss, orange doors that welcome guests into the venue. The palette includes a toned-down version of the orange and a rich plum hue that work together to provide a fresh and fun, as well as soft, romantic aesthetic appealing to 2016 Main’s client base. Clean, simple logotype forms incorporate funky prints, attractive florals and complimentary fonts to achieve the aesthetic balance driving this entire process. 


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As a startup company, we had a very good idea of how we were going to run and operate our business. However, we were having a hard time developing a brand and look that would be affective for our primary market. At that time I met with Liz from Say Simple and the rest was so easy. I was amazed and completely impressed with the looks she came up with. What we ended up choosing was immediately embraced by all and most importantly our target market. Working with Liz could not be a better experience. She listens to what you have to say, confirms we are on the same page, and then creates magic. She has since designed all our collateral material in addition to our website and I could not be more pleased. And true to her company name, doing business with Liz is amazingly simple as well.
— Pat Galvin, 2016 Main Owner


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